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Pass Gun Safety Laws. Protect Our Kids.

Gun violence is a public health epidemic and no community is immune. In the years since 26 children and educators were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there have been hundreds more school shootings and devastating tragedies. For the first time in decades, Congress passed bipartisan legislation on gun safety. But there’s still so much more to do – from expanding background checks to stopping the sale of dangerous weapons like ghost guns and assault weapons. Congress must continue to implement and expand proven, commonsense gun reforms that can be immediately put to work to protect our children and communities.

Sign and share our petition to tell Congress: I urge you to continue finding solutions to prevent school shootings and protect children from gun violence!

Take Action

Demand Congress step up and do more to prevent school shootings and pass stronger gun safety laws.

1. Text PROTECT to 79775 to tell Congress to take action.

2. Raise awareness for this critical issue and spread the word on social media. Use our sample messages and graphics below. Or follow us and share our posts: @sandyhook on Twitter and @sandyhookpromise on Facebook and Instagram, and @sandy-hook-promise on LinkedIn.


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Sample Posts

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  • We can’t let another day go by while families and communities are ripped apart by gun violence. Congress must act to prevent school shootings and #ProtectOurKids. Text PROTECT to 79775 now. #EndGunViolence
  • The U.S. is averaging more than one mass shooting per day. We must come together to end the epidemic of gun violence and save lives. Text PROTECT to 79775 to urge your representative to take action. #EndGunViolence
  • Every day, precious lives continue to be taken from us. We must demand that Congress take immediate action for stronger gun safety laws and help #EndGunViolence. Text PROTECT to 79775 now.
  • Tell your elected leaders to take action now to prevent school shootings and  #ProtectOurKids. This can be done while upholding second amendment rights. Text PROTECT to 79775 to tell your representative to help #EndGunViolence now.
  • Now’s the time to use your voice and make a difference! Text PROTECT to 79775 to urge your representative to take action for stronger gun safety laws. #ProtectOurKids #EndGunViolence

Thank you for your support and for taking action!

Our Mission

The mission of Sandy Hook Promise is to educate and empower youth and adults to prevent violence in schools, homes, and communities. Sandy Hook Promise is a moderate, above-the-politics organization that supports sensible program and policy solutions that address the “human side” of gun violence by preventing individuals from ever getting to the point of picking up a firearm to hurt themselves or others. Our words, actions, and impact nationwide are intended to honor all victims of gun violence by turning our tragedy into a moment of transformation.

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