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Volunteer to Champion Bipartisan Violence Prevention and School Safety

Join us at Sandy Hook Promise to help make our communities safer from gun violence. We believe your voice can create a  difference. Let's work together to make meaningful change today!

Advocacy Opportunities

Write to Local Officials
When important policy issues come up, let your local elected officials know what you think by sending them a message.

Participate in Policy Events
Come along to statehouse days and community events where we talk about policies. It's a chance to get involved and build your skills.

Call Your Representatives
Give your local representatives a call to ask for their support on Sandy Hook Promise-backed laws.

Policies You’ll Champion as a Volunteer

School Safety
Let's make sure there are more programs to prevent violence and suicide among young people. Our original policies support student mental health and wellbeing at school.

Home Safety
We're pushing for laws that
encourage secure storage of firearms to prevent child-involved shootings. Plus, we want to help gun owners by allowing firearms to be temporarily transferred away from a person experiencing a crisis. .

Community Safety
We're backing policy  to make the background checks system better. We’re also working to raise the age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle. And we're saying no to ads that try to get kids interested in guns.

Curious about the details on what we're doing to keep schools and homes safer?

Find out about our plans to improve gun safety, support youth mental health, and build community change.

National Issues

Children deserve to be safe and free from gun violence. Our staff and supporters work to pass proven policies that advance gun safety, school safety, and youth mental health.

State Issues

We help pass legislation at the federal and state level. Learn more about what you can do to help in your state and community.

Stay Informed

Want to stay up-to-date with what's happening? Sign up as a Promise Maker and you'll get important updates and action alerts about our policy work.

Get Involved

Feeling fired up and ready to make a difference? Check out our Volunteer page to see how you can get even more involved in our advocacy efforts!