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National ISsue

End Mass Shootings

Support school safety and gun violence prevention measures. Take action now to make sure state and federal laws prevent gun violence and keep our students safe.

Children Deserve To Be Safe And Free From Gun Violence

With effective policies in place that ensure firearms are used safely and legally, we can prevent tragedies. Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund is working to expand background checks on all firearm sales, pass temporary transfer orders, create secure storage laws, limit high-capacity magazines, and institute high-capacity magazine limits. These policy initiatives, in addition to expanding access to violence prevention programs, can ensure more children are safe from violence.


Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

In 2022, Sandy Hook Promise worked with leaders in the U.S. Senate to write and pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, an historic step for gun violence prevention. Together, we ended nearly 28 years of inaction around this critical issue. 

Sixty-five senators in total voted to pass this bill, making this an exceptional bipartisan agreement. The next day, the House of Representatives swiftly passed it with bipartisan support as well, and it was signed into law on June 25, 2022.

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Current Issues

National Issue

Expanded Background Checks are one of the most proven policies to prevent gun violence.

Running a background check before a firearm purchase helps identify people who are prohibited by federal law from owning them, such as convicted felons and domestic abusers — and takes less than two minutes.

National Isssue

These order empower family members and law enforcement to prevent gun violence and gun-related suicides by petitioning a court to temporarily separate someone who is in crisis from their firearms. These are civil, not criminal, proceedings and help prevent tragedies while protecting an individual’s 2nd Amendment rights.

Add your name to ask Congress to support Temporary Transfer Orders.

Text “PROTECT” to 79775

Demand action now to end gun violence and protect our kids.

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