We're committed to policies that protect children from gun violence

Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund works to pass legislation that advances school safety and mental health and prevents gun violence. Take action now to protect America’s children.

Why Advocacy?

Legislation can save lives and prevent gun violence, and we need your help to get these bills passed into law. When lawmakers hear directly from their constituents, it matters. It’s up to us to speak out to protect all of our children. With the support of grassroots activists, we championed our nation’s first comprehensive school safety law to provide critical resources for students to learn about violence prevention. Join us in creating more change!

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We want our children to be safe.

Our Issues

Background Checks on Gun Sales

We celebrate the Bipartisan passage of background checks legislation in the House and calls for immediate Senate action. Get details

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

ERPOs allow family members or law enforcement to seek the court’s help to temporarily separate people in crisis from firearms.

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Stop Assault Weapons Sales

 Assault-style rifles are increasingly being used to target communities of color in violent acts of hate and racism.

Protect Kids from Ghost Guns

Please help ensure ghost guns are kept away from criminals and those who would harm children.

High-Capacity Magazine Limits

High-capacity magazines allow shooters to discharge weapons rapidly and repeatedly without reloading.

“We were proud to work with the bipartisan champions of this legislation to ensure millions more students will be trained to know the signs of violence and act to save lives. Our work does not end here, we will continue to bring our prevention programs to schools and communities across the country at no cost and advocate for life-saving policies.”

Mark Barden

Sandy Hook Promise co-founder