Youth Advocate Kit

Be A Youth Advocate

Get empowered! Our Voices for Change Advocacy Kits are designed with young people in mind and rooted in Sandy Hook Promise’s commitment to co-creating school safety policies with the input of students.

Why Be A Youth Advocate?

We all have the power to prevent violence and save lives. With the right training and education, you can help protect your friends and family from tragedy. Take action and use your voice for change!

Check out our library of action kits for youth ages 13 and up. Use the Youth Advocacy Glossary to understand key terms related to advocacy, policy, and more.

Together, We Can Create Real Change.
Your Voice Has Power.

When school shootings happen, people look for solutions to help prevent the next tragedy. Some are more harmful than helpful. Learn the difference between drills and simulations, and take action!

Suicide prevention trainings save lives. Yet, not enough schools and students have them. Learn about the impact of suicide prevention and how you can advocate for support in your school or community.

Legislation can stop guns from falling into the wrong hands. However, the federal law has loopholes. Get the kit for the Stranger-to-Stranger Loophole and the Charleston Loophole, and learn how you can help.

This toolkit will teach you about policies and solutions that adults can support to prevent accidental shootings at home. You’ll also receive options to take action and educate your community.

Knowing the signs of violence can save lives. More students and schools should have access to this type of information. Get the details and choose an action to advocate for these lifesaving trainings.

Temporary transfer is a tool adults can use to help a person in crisis before a situation turns tragic. But not everyone has access to this tool. Learn more about how this solution can reduce violence.