Violence Prevention

Protecting children by preventing violence.

Keeping Students Safe

Violence prevention programs train students to identify when their peers may be exhibiting warning signs of hurting themselves or others and teaches them how to seek help. Legislation that supports these programs can ensure more students in states across the country have access to these evidence-based trainings. Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund is passing policies that require states to train students on social isolation prevention, suicide prevention, and violence prevention at-large to keep students safe. 

Averting Tragedy

Four out of five school shooters tell someone about their plans ahead of time – and 69% tell more than one person. When our students and educators are trained in how to identify signs of gun violence and to intervene, such as through Sandy Hook Promise’s Know the Signs programs, they can prevent tragedies in their communities and save lives. Our proven programs have already helped avert multiple school shootings. 

State legislation can help expand the reach of these lifesaving programs. Find out how our model school safety legislation could help your state. 

STOP School Violence Act

In 2018, Sandy Hook Promise helped write and pass the bipartisan STOP School Violence Act to provide critical resources for schools to implement violence prevention education. Under this law, school districts, municipalities, states, and tribal organizations can now apply for funding to bring lifesaving programs to their students. We must protect STOP School Violence Act funding so that more students can have access to violence prevention education.

Violence Prevention Resources
Grant funding is available through the STOP School Violence Act